Thursday, October 25, 2012

Living Well In A Stressful Environment

Stress is useful; it pushes you beyond your norm
Lay your heart open, keep the brain cool
Soon you will enjoy the positive neutron of stress

Deadlines, targets, timelines, schedules
Do well, fine. Miss by a mile, the next window is exit
But, to date, nobody dies because of this failures

If you want out by committing suicide, why not give all your working organs away? Two kidneys safe 2 persons from dialysis, two lungs keep 2 persons fresh with oxygen, two eyes give vision to 2 blind persons, your spine can save someone from leukemia, your liver will save several too. The best thing is many people will remember you.

You live again happily in others bodies; Go exchange your misery with happiness & the World will shine with you (inside them)

Nothing is absolutely bad or good
Tomorrow will still come long after we expire
If the world must end we will meet again in the next world

Take it easy
Relax your mind
If you are hitting the trough, you can't go any lower

Nobody dies because he is poor
Everyone dies because his time is up
Being born & dying is NOT a choice

Follow your heart if you can afford it
Follow your guts if its necessary

I never live worrying about tomorrow
I live the best today & any day

Some days are bored, some are taxing
Most are challenging ... I always long for a better tomorrow

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