Monday, July 2, 2012

Success Vs Failure

The distance between success and failure is ...

How many times did I fail; the many times when I change courses and decided to alight
How many times did I succeed; innumerable as we often did not count successes but harped on failures
What about the near misses or near successes? Nil as these are likely to be unimportant that they became 'nearly done' but were never completed

If failure is miserable, success must be estimably fortunate

Why are poorer families blessed with more children, warmth and belonging
Does it necessarily mean richer families usually have lesser children and are bogged down with material pursuits and chasing their goals? Higher expectations equals higher disappointment
The denominator for happiness are satisfaction, contentment and recognised sufficiency

Having enough doesn't mean no ambition; it's simply recognising the shortcomings and maximizing your strengths
Being satisfied is not laziness of the mind but that the mind deems the rewards are equitable and sufficient

The rich strives to be richer and are frustrated when they fell short of their goals
The poor strives to be rich but are satisfied and recognised their personal shortcomings yet maximizing & stretching their efforts to crystalize their goals

Everyone of us set out to achieve our goals, our mission

Most will end up happy but some will wallow in self-pity and self-destruct

Winning or Losing is a mind game 

So long as you try, the door to success is always open
If the doors are closed, I will use the windows

Nobody can stop you from succeeding but yourself

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