Friday, July 27, 2012

NTUC - Brilliant Or Silly Ideas?

Why make our woman workforce less competitive?

"NTUC believes that with 6 months paid leave for working mums, more storks will fly". Is this a smart move or just an academic exercise?

With the current 4 months paid maternity leave, a Singaporean woman who gives birth to two kids in a year effectively works for less than four months in the year as compared to a foreign female worker. She is not only price competitive but less disruptive. 

Given a choice the employer will employ foreign female worker, who cannot get pregnant during her tenure of work here. Why proposed a half-baked solution? 

Perhaps, NTUC should craft and support ideas that allow the men to earn enough so that the women have a choice not to work but have babies instead until such time when she is ready to re-join the workforce.   

Why did NTUC, a national representative of workers, recruit foreigners to work in Singapore? Whose interest is NTUC representing? Wouldn't NTUC do some in-depth research and soul-searching why they cannot find Singaporeans to fill the posts? Is their supposedly fair pay too low to attract locals? 

Spare a thought for Singaporeans and Singaporean workers. It is probably the pay is barely enough to provide for equitable and reasonable standard of living given our high & rising costs of living. 

NTUC has done well fighting for workers welfare and rights and should continue to do so instead of scouring overseas for cheaper workers. It pays to stop behaving like a private enterprise and protect workers rights and well being.

Profit maximization must never be your goal.


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