Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fair & Equitable Compensation & Opportunity For Singaporeans

There is no hates just dislikes and righting a wrong ...

The Irish and Scottish welcome the PRC/Chinese and Asians as they are more hardworking, contribute to the economy and value-add to societal development.

Nonetheless, they are concern and wary of the east europeans, in particular those from the ex-Soviet satellites because they don't, or are not accustomed to, work and live on handouts and welfare; adding to the strains on the country.

Contrary to assertions, Singaporeans welcome foreigners or foreign workers but not an untamed influx of foreign workers of all walks and from every corners of earth, skills or unskilled, yet crowned as Foreign Talent (FTs). With slowing growth and increased unemployment globally, if we care to open our door wide, Singapore will sink under the weight of people seeking, and given, work!

What's good for the goose must be good for the gander!

When the flood gates are opened and free flows of FTs are allowed into the country, wages are depressed. Why does this not apply to those higher up the food-chain who are supposedly more talented; rarefied perhaps. They are equated to the Mandarins and the Aristocrats - a class above ivory tower indeed.

The sandwiched middle class, the working class and the less educated peasants live from hand to mouth; struggling to make ends meet, combating rising costs of living amidst uncertain job prospects and purposes. Their woes are exacerbated by too many foreign workers seizing their jobs, including entry-level jobs. Even fresh graduates find it hard to get an interview let alone finding a job!

There are living examples of foreigners & foreign workers flooding banks, filling MNCs, shops in shopping centres and even NTUC (a national body representing the diverse unions of workers' unions); if Singapore cannot care for Singaporeans, who will?

It's not the fear of competition that causes disharmony and anxieties, its a gasping disequilibrium of efforts versus rewards on the one hand and earnings versus costs of living on the other.

Singaporean workers are also becoming, or had become, less competitive with NS-reservists obligations and the freshly minted 4-months (proposed 6-months) maternity leave.

It is not too late to stop, turn the clock back and give Singaporeans the support, dignity, care and share, and a semblance of belonging.

Singaporeans are not lazy nor choosy but seek equitable and sane compensation for their efforts deployed and employed. Our MTI made a balanced observation: "Foreign manpower also complements the resident workforce by taking the jobs that Singaporeans shun, or the jobs left behind as Singaporeans move on to higher-skilled jobs".  

While some may think that earning $2,500 as a fresh graduate or $1,000 for those with less to nil education, aged 60 - 76 years old are good and fair, may I suggest a re-think.
i) Is $2,500 an equitable compensation for FOUR years of studies (6 years for guys who served NS)?  
ii) If you are fairly well-off or can afford it, will you want to work for $1,000 when you are aged 60-75 years old?

Disagreeing or taking a view doesn't make me any more rebellious or non-conforming; it's because I care and am concerned.

There is no monopoly of wisdom and I will be glad to be proven wrong or, better still, I am a minority and my opinion is just a baseless shout in the wilderness!

I can agree to disagree. 

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