Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life As A Human

Some days, its impossible to remain positive and cheerful....

When you are so sure that the deal will be sealed but client's have other priorities
When you have the cheque for the order but there was simply no stock
When the donor was about to pen his will but he had a heart attack
When every phone calls you make were never answered

Life has its limitation

Being positive does not mean there will be results as per desired
The days are longer
The time is stretched
The wait is excruciating

Life makes no promises

Man proposes, GOD disposes
Why do bad people get rewarded & why are the good suffering? Sadly, there will never be any answers
Seemingly good deeds go unnoticed
Alas, this is the real world

Life is fate turned inside out

I have done all I needed to do; more importantly, I have done all I wanted to do
I never look for rewards nor gratification
But, I cannot live on hopes alone
I still need to meet the material demands and the daily needs that require financial capabilities

I am, afterall, a human

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