Sunday, May 13, 2012

Changes Or Indifferences

While change is the only constant, many things did not change; it only gets bigger...

JPMorgan loss US$2bn in hedging, an instrument that was suppose to insulate, or hedge, against losses. Capitalism or laizze faire without care, responsibility and prudence, sprinkled with greed, is the perfect route to financial armageddon.

Rank Group, owner of Mecca Bingo, is the biggest casino operator in UK, It owns Gala Coral and Grosvenor Casinos, with a total of 58 casinos. Rank is owned by Malaysia's GuoCo Group; the rise of Asian touch in the West.

To prioritise your posts on FB, FB is testing a 'pay to post' scheme whereby your posts is made more visible if you pay; FB is laughing all the way to the bank.

If nudisism or naturalism has a champ, nobody can beat the Germans; a country where nudity is not about sex - its attitude.

A Dutch scientist experimented and engineered the avian flu virus and make it deadlier and easily spread through air; the experiment is funded by US Government. The World, aka human race, is nearer complete destruction with or without nukes. Why fund medical gamesmanship instead of channelling the funds to cancer research or other life threatening diseases?

When we change for the better, our well-being and living are a little further from absolute suffering.

Is there a basis for the disquietness, unhappiness, discontent and challenges that Singaporeans are experiencing lately or were these fanned by anti-establishment movements? Or is this called 'political awakening'?
Generally, as in most countries in the world, citizens are apolitical. They go about their daily lives and living in a clockwork, peaceful and routine manner. The catalyst of the/an awakening, if any, is almost always economics.

In 2009, the elderly suicide rate per 100,000 for men was 28.7 & women 19. It takes more than bravery and silliness to commit suicide and preventive measures must be taken; it must not be seen as an easy way out to ease dependency.

Changes or indifferences? 

The World is getting smaller and more explosive. The majority who, if suffers in silence, are the tsunamic force that will change the world; not that they love anarchy but they need to survive - and to carry on their daily, peaceful routine.

The rich cannot lives in a sea of poor!

Change cannot be acutely sudden; its like anger ... a letter before Danger. You can ignore the pleas for change and the screams of pain. But, it will never be the same again when change finally comes, not by choice but by circumstances.

When the Earth rocks, the Ocean swings ... and live will never be the same again! Dinosaurs can attest to this.

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