Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2017 - Opportunities Abound

Eclipses - lunar and solar 2017/2018 ...

10 Feb 2017 Penumbral Lunar
26 Feb 2017 Annular Solar
7 Aug 2017 Partial Lunar
21 Aug 2017 Total Solar 

31 Jan 2018 Total Lunar 
15 Feb 2018 Partial Solar
13 Jul 2018 Partial Solar
27 Jul 2018 Total Lunar
11 Aug 2018 Partial Solar

The cannibalization of globalization is in progress [Brexit is only the beginning] and countries are looking at protecting the vested interests of their citizens from jobs to income, from housing to food, from medical to transportation.. & the list flows.

Cheap funds and money-printing-funding have caused the excesses of a bloated global economy magnified by property-play, commmodities-exploitation, environmental pollution and and political gamesmanship. As in all illusions, the music must come to an end; the world is suffering from excessive obesity of production in a declining demand scenerio.

Many countries are stifling their terms of engagement and negotiation, Smart politicians exploit their need to dominate and trades favours with 'adversaries' to gain economic favors. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" becomes the flavor of the season.

CASH is King ~ for the time being

Between now and the next 6-8months, cash/money rules and can buy plentiful more units per dollar as recession and declines cut deeper. Government will practice 'zero-sum' growth & milk their people for more funding via increased taxes to fund expansionary policies. This is not sustainable and will crash in due course triggering a panic and the loosening of contractionary policies. The last sell-down will be substantial...this is manifested by protectionism, debts due and lack of loans/credit.

Short term growth from the lows, aka sell down, will lead to a rebound by mid-2017. Governments, the world over, will pass the blame of economic collapse to past policies and global economic weaknesses.

Gold will shine in an uncertain currency crisis.

Selective 'Buy/equities' in 1Q/2017 sell-down with a view to exit post August/September. Traders are discouraged from taking excessive risks.

Be prepared to cash out and rest as 2017 draws toward the close

2018 will be an economic quagmire ; from the ashes shall rise the Phoenix

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