Saturday, November 19, 2016

Every Dog Has It's Day ~ yours soon

sick and tired of those vertebral-less people  没骨气

There are many who complain and, in the same breathe, say 'don't quote me ya!'
If you don't want to stand up and stand out for your rights, why should others shoulder your cause?
Beggar thy neighbours is not commendable nor noble
You either have a case or you fake it until you make it
What good can come out if everyone complains and no one make an/any effort to institute changes?
The world collapse because of blind loyalty and selfishness...

When the ship sinks, nobody is any smarter in a selfish and greedy environment
Your benefits and acquisition are as good as when there are peace, harmony, care & share
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor just as the wealthy cannot store all the treasures at home
The elite few must share the fruits with the working class & the peasants
Hoarding breeds contempt ; the hungry man is an angry man
The poor are not begging for handouts but for dignified living

The poor, less educated and working class must not emulate an attitude of indifference
"What doesn't concern me, is none of my problem" is correct until it hits you
Do you expect your village of compatriots to stand with you for your inertia? No! Do not even dream
Give a helping hand when you can
Stand up to the bully and be united in numbers; it's not the big dog but the bite in the dog that counts
There are plentiful of theories but few practitioners and adopters

Friends, lesser friends and acquaintances
In this dog eat dog society, made worse by discriminate distributions of economic rations, Man betrays readily
Man cheats to prosper & ethics and integrity has gone down the drain
The courier of bad news faces the guillotine
The smart and righteous die fighting while the cowards and cunning prosper
And Man shall self-destruct

Law of Comparative Advantage creates  more out of efficient deployment of resources
Law of Competitive Advantage allows more out of higher productivity
From dusts to dust and Man comes naked and returns empty handed
The need to hoard, betray compatriots and be selfish is a Law of the Jungle
But, and, until Man repents and care & share the world is moving towards ...the end
As for those who let others suffer while they feast, their endings & death will be more dramatic

The next time before you betray someone or cunningly set entrapment, ask again 'will I do this to one of my own loved ones?' If YES, you deserve to succeed

Every dog has its day
Perhaps, yours will be ... soon

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