Monday, June 15, 2015

A Country, A Home & You

When men fight to defend their fellow men's dignity...

The days where everyone is hungry, they share the same destiny
Together they will fight for their future & share their dreams, fears & aspirations
They will guard against intruders & outsiders
The able plots, the brawns work while the homemakers make meals
Everyone moves in one direction & economies of scale ensure efficient production & distribution

Food were scare but sufficient
Life was tough but happy
It's a classless divide where the weak were protected & the less-abled cared for
Every neighbors are eyes for the neighborhood
It's as peaceful, harmonious & prosperous with little to nil complaints

As selflessness turns selfish
When the able & well read turned against the brawns & trustworthy mass
Where tricks & trickery, propaganda & misinformation spread to cover lies
The mass suffers
Half truths replace truth & Neighbourly unity becomes 'divide & rule'

Rewards were not unlike bribery
Blind loyalty is rewarded & lies spoken were encouraged & espoused as 'gospel truth'
Distortion & fears are the order of the day
Trolls & keyboard warriors roam freely to manufacture 'truths' & to fearmonger
Many are deprived economically to break their souls

How long can the mass hang on? You need the slightest catalyst to ignite a revolt

Nobody wants disorder & anarchy
It was unheard of that there is a rape case reported every two days
Scams via media, cell phones & wires top the S$1 billion ~ also unheard of previously
The Riot@Little India, the PRC@Strikes, even choking pollution like haze; were imports
Orchard Road is closed once a month for foreigners & tourists but enjoyed by Pinoys mostly

Costs of living is up..up...& up again

The care & share is a past Order
Elitists dominate
Many are still convinced by lies & half truths
Few dare to stand up, voice out & be righteous
How long will this lasts? For as long as ......

Some day soon
Truths shall prevail
And the false leaders & prophets shall be unearthed & seen
The dignity of the person, the home & the country shall outlasts the charlatans
It better be soon....

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