Friday, July 10, 2015

Home Coming

...every roads lead to home

When you are young, home was where warmth is
When you grow up, you have to go away in search of 'bread & butter' & to prosper
When age catches up, it's time to 'let-go', relax, reflect and relieve the lost days
Whatever has been done are done; the dreams & ideals fade into time

What will tomorrow bring? God promises tomorrow but He does not want to bore you
Every day is a surprise
Every success, failure and nothingness is a surprise
Man proposes, God disposes

In the "36 Strategies 三十六记", MAN starts with Full of Hopes
MAN ends with 走回上记 ...back to the beginning
Life is a circle; what goes around, comes around 因果
Everything is possible没有做不到的事,只有还没想到。The world is our plaground心有多大,舞台就多大

Nothing venture, nothing gain
The surest way to failure is to 'do nothing' to whatever that 'you wanted to do'
But, always do it within your means and ability
Pushing too hard, trying beyond your means and 'overdrafting' on resources KILL

The world is not without limits
Everyone is crafted for some specific roles & role-play
We are as finite as we breath today & now; when the Soul parts the body, everything stops
Go...follow your heart

I have been there, done that
I have gone round circles chasing my own 'tail'
I have my hits of successes and strokes of failures
I am living on borrowed time

Home Coming ...home is where warmth is
Home is where I rest my tired legs and worn-out Soul
Home ~ there must be Peace, Quietness and Restfulness
Home coming must never be a nightmare but place where many return to rest; sometimes forever

I have a Home, not just a house

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