Monday, July 13, 2015

Say Like It Is

change is the only constant...

Freedom of Speech ~ You have the right to Speak but after speaking you may not have the freedom you yearn

Truths ~ How much truths is/are there in the daily reports in MSM & the Social Media? It's a struggle to tell the difference...

The Elites, the Mid-class & the Commoners ~ India & China did away with their Maharajahs & Emperors; are we as classless as when we first started?

Relax: its monday blues lah! we are "sin ka po lang". All local borns

Poor & Dead-Poor ~ There is no poverty as there are no dead poors! I have never doubt that there are
Kueh.Lapis-type help available but these need to be dish-out more liberally and less intrusively. The pride and dignity of the poor need to be respected

Complain-Kings ~ Frankly, there are NO complain-kings! If you do not allow ventillation, it will implode. Listen to the 'shouts & pains of the commoners', spare some thoughts and be compassionate ; there are real needs and harsh issues

Trying their Best ~ The dominant party is trying their best to craft and extend help to the people (in needs) but how much was filtered down & how many did receive help and assistances? Or, how much was wasted (administrative costs) in the flows? Give and help with a HEART

What can be done to level the playing fields? Well, if you can't level up, level down. Making costs of living lower and cheaper help.

Above all, you have a right to choose. Do not choose A (plant rambutan) but expect to get B-type (durians) results...

Nobody wants to see the country fails, not even if you hate what's going on...

Good Luck

Man Proposes; God disposes

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