Friday, July 10, 2015

Stock Market : Did The Correction Comes Early

when Greece caught a cold, Europe got flu...oops! China caught pneumonia...

On Feb 4, 2015, I wrote in my blog "...I am not surprised to see market dropping heavily into/around end3Q to early4Q after topping up (on the charts). The last Qtr 2015 will be very challenging!..."

Did my projection materialised earlier and there shall be a relatively 'stable, rebound and upswing' without the 3Q/4Q quagmire? Unfortunately, it's unlikely. We are still likely to face another onslaught towards 3Q/4Q.

The recent nervousness of the markets left many dumbfounded, especially China/PRC stockmarket. Following this drop, Europe, especially Germany & France stockmarkets are bruised by the bears. They are likely to be so ...for a while.

The Chinese/PRC stockmarket is bruised, especially the smaller investors aka speculators, but the chances of rebounding and retesting 4200/4500 is still possible. There will be a paradigm shift; players, I meant investors, will have to do their homework than to throw darts.

You need to know some fundamentals, technicals and alot of commonsense to survive the stockmarket gyrations ; a fool and his money will soon part

21 Mar 2015                               10 July 2015 (off lows)

Sti 3412                                        3284
N225 19560                                19,779
KLCi 1803                                    1715
HSI 24371                                   24,877
Jkt 5443                                        4873
DJIA 18127                                17,548
S&P 2108                                      2051
Nasdaq 5026                                  4922
Shanghai                                        3877 (at worst, tested low near 3500; 52-wk HI/Lo 5178/2033)

There is still room for the market to rebound and some money can be made, but please do your homework. Outright speculation is deadly.

Will the Total Lunar Eclipse on 28 September 2015 results in another rout?

Happy Trading; watch your wallet!

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