Friday, August 12, 2011

In The Land of the Equals

Respect and care; the more you give, the more you get...

What did Hitler and the Japanese Red Army have in common? They built their dreams from scratch. They indoctrinate, built, inculcate and thoroughly changed their people's mindset with a "ME superior" first attitude.

Nationalism? World domination? Whatever, but they believe that only a fairly homogeneous race, through unity, can be a force to reckon with!

Unity and common goal were what made Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexandra the Great and Genghis Khan walked the globe almost unrestrained.

We need a common goal and a unifying figure to unite Singapore and Singaporeans; not to conquer the World but to consolidate our strengths, our fundamentals and our identity. The disenfranchisement, the misplaced loyalty and the unmet material needs will slowly, but surely, dissipate if we strive for a common goal.

A goal where many differences are immersed as one, where the commoner reclaims his livelihoods and dignity, where the leader sacrifice for his men, vice versa, and work with and not 'talk down' and make demand of/from his fellowmen.

We were happy then, less happy now but shall, and can be, happier going forward.

Spare a thought for the common man and have his welfare at heart. He is not seeking fame and fortune but merely asking for meaningful and dignified living. Help make everyone's life as pleasant and light as possible; a stressful nation of restless youths and displaced commoners will implode.

There are enough to go around for the 'have', the 'have but inadequate' and the 'have not but seeking'.

Integration of the populace must start now and dilution stops. It takes time, patience, tolerance and plentiful of commonsense to unite and integrate. Any further influx of foreigners will ultimately destroy the very fabric which we have built over time.

'Survival of the fittest' are for the animal kingdom. As human, we need one another to survive, live harmoniously and live for, and with, one another. A/Any selfish leader who surrounds himself with 'yes man' will be displace and replace in due course for his 'yes man' will lead him to self-destruction.

Spare a thoughts for the common man and make their life easier and lighter. If you cannot, please do not make it any worse.

...thoughts of a tiny army ant 

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