Monday, August 29, 2011

If you are going through Hell, keep going...

Nobody stays in Hell, work your way out ....

Keep going, keep smiling. It's not how good you can punch, it's how much punches you can take; it's a journey. When you get out, you will be the Winner...

Strange things happen when you least expect...

Mirage - mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. Its like an omen pointing you in the direction of Success. Believe the unbelievable - you CAN! 

Nobody knows nor share your dreams, your inspirations, your goals; Yours is as unique as yourself. We are made to succeed; no "BUTs," no "IFs" ...

Don't wait for miracles. Life is tough; thats a given. Go create your own miracle (miracle is an event attributed to divine intervention). When enough is put in, miracles happen. 

Unexpected, unforeseen, surprising, unbelievable - these are challenges that you will encounter and must overcome. The sweet taste of victory comes after the test; only the best will rule.

When you are:
Sick - you shall be well again; when sickness strikes, fight back
Poor - you shall be rich; if you had hit the base, the only way is UP
Lame - you shall stand up and walk; the mind shall powered up the limps 

I am writing this to record my life's ebb, its not a bottomless pit. It passes after I publish this post...and I shall be back to my WINNING paths.   

(Defeats and failures never come alone, they come in batches; failures here, failures there. Well, guess such deaths blows are meant to be impactful and destructive! Blow by blow, punches after punches)

There are NO losers, especially YOU, unless you allow 

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