Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's in the game of life...

Only two things that we cannot decide, life and death. We didn't come here by choice neither can we delay nor choose the mode of leaving when the time is up...

During the Japanese occupation, it was a trying, torturous and challenging environment unimaginable to mankind. Most made it but many were sacrificed.

Before the plane crash landed onto the icy Hudson River on US Airways, 155 people reflected on their lives and recalled and 'wished they had done ... many things' - everyone lived to tell a tale.

Steve Jobs made Apple an arch rival to conventional PCs, created iPhone and iPads despite challenging health conditions; a rare achievement for someone fairly ill.

Someone I know was held against his will in a faraway land by some burly men, negotiated with them, signed some documents, convince them to let him go ... he returned alive and continue living a happy, healthy life and try not to leave things undone until tomorrow.

Its better to live rich and die poor than to live poor and die rich. Whatever money not used does not belong to you. Are you happier that someone signs you a cheque for the balance (total estate) unused money and bury it with you?

The most inspiring moments are normally done by ordinary people leading normal life. Did Dr Sun Yat Sen wanted to be the ruler of China? History indicated he was a leader by accident.

How did Alexandra the Great, Genghis Khan and Napoleon conquer and rule half the globe when its quite an impossible task to accomplish today despite advancement in technology and firepower?

Its all in the mind.

You can live luxuriously happy or poorly rich; its not about money. Its a state of MIND.


The poor worries about his next meal while the rich worries about making the next dollar. It will never be enough!!

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