Thursday, September 8, 2011


When the mind wanders, let it wander...

Sometimes, the mind is blank
Someday, the Soul is tire
Somewhere in the body seems to ache but you are unable to pinpoint

You prayed for rain but you get sunshine
You asked for a job change but you get job enlargement
You want a quiet moment but your kids/friends/spouse need to talk to you

Life seldom turn out to be the way you desired neither will you get everything you want

Rest if you must but never quit

Sleep away your worries and pains and dream away all ills ... dreams provide the escapades that reality can't
Dreams allow the Soul to unwind; like cartoons, you can take maximum pains and smashes, wake up well, unhurt and in 'one piece'

Give yourself a chance that nobody will

I am the catalyst of changes

Tire ... YES
Rest ... I will

I rather be the grass dancing in the wind than the grand oak tree that falls resisting the (challenges of the) wind

I live to fight again tomorrow... my return will be swift and incisive that nothing but SUCCESS manifest

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