Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CNB gave wrong drug arrest numbers

It is rare and admirable that CNB director Ng Boon Gay readily took responsibility for the bureau's statistical oversight. More importantly, the bureau pursues qualitative approaches to rein in on drug abuse, trafficking and 'casual' but dangerous experiments on party drugs.

The discovery of statistical error would not have happened if the bureau had not relied on intelligence collation, mental and manual observation rather than following the hard numbers blindly. 

While enforcement and deterrence against drug menace lie with the bureau, the battle against the destructive forces of drugs is not CNB's alone. There is a need to educate the public on its danger, in particular our youths, and to create awareness through education, support and soft approaches.

Let us not plunge into a witch-hunt nor blame game but to support CNB for making Singapore as drug-free as possible. There must also be sufficient avenues for the abusers to be rehabilitated and support for their family to help them eke out a decent living during this turbulent journey.

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