Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Singapore - Creativity is well and alive

If you don't have it, built it ...

Jurong Bird Park - The world's tallest man-made waterfall.& the world's largest walk-in aviary

Bishan Park - Rivers and waterfalls will soon dote the park 

Garden By The Bay - Where trees, flora and fauna sprout overnight to display a botanical miracle

Lake - The marina freshwater lake-to-be

Water - NEWater or reclaimed water are treated wastewater used to supplement water supplies

Dwindling and/or Aging Population - Import foreigners to fill, add and top up the population

Top Students - Offer grants, scholarships and sponsorships to potentially bright young foreigners to study locally

Sports - Offer citizenship to promising players to don national colors

Corporate Status - Offer OHQ status to overseas conglomerate, peppered with tax incentives and liberal employment  policies

Assets - The homeownership scheme make almost everyone a proud home owner and potentially a millionaire

There are pros and cons to creative solutions, not necessarily bad though! But, some are stretching the imagination a little and may breed resentment and wears patience as existing provisions and infrastructure  are 'max-out'.   

Perhaps, we should ask, examine and learn why Norway, Sweden or other lesser populated countries are just as successful and happy? Instant replacement and gratification is not the best answer. 

Do we really want foreigners, who over time become Singaporeans, to dominate true, blue-blooded Singaporeans in the long run? The Japanese and the Swiss has this answer!

Let us continue to be creative but pause a little to ponder on social issues... and their repercussions, if any.

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