Monday, September 26, 2011

Trust or Trusting

Truth is as scarce as trust...

History repeats itself because history never records the truth; it records what the historians want recorded. Sometimes, its clouded by selfish intent and what the Honchus want to hear; sometimes, it is a marriage of convenience, diplomacy and a bias towards nationalism.

Banks fail and drop like dead flies. Instruments like Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO), mini Bonds, Derivatives, Sub-prime make NINJA loans (No Income, No Job or Assets) looks like child-play. Banks survived on trust and confidence but when its performance driven, henceforth profit maximization, care and trust give way to reckless money spinning strategies; a dollar stretched 50 times is like a nuclear bomb in a suicide bomber custody.

Investors were peddled with unsafe instruments which carries hollow warranties; the truth is that these are banks originated instruments but the fact is banks/bankers betted against the very instruments that they created! 

The Opium Wars were the climax of trades and diplomacy disputes between Qing Dynasty and the British Empire. America was drawn into the WWII following the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Did someone deliberately waited for a reason to engage in wars so that history can explain why certain events took place.

As layman, we trust doctors to treat and heal us of any diseases. When National Taiwan University Hospital transplanted AIDs-infected organs to five patients, the element of trust was pivotal but the carelessness, if not recklessness, in which preventive procedures were missing speak volumes.

We learn to trust but the World is filled with half-truths. Monetary gains and fame precluded  ethics and integrity. Beware this world will be filled with false prophets peddling miracles and quick solutions. 

To conclude, we can trust most of the time but we must not be too trusting. Sadly, most offer half-truths. You must seek and be convinced by the other half. . . guess, we need to rely on gumption or gut feel.   

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