Monday, September 12, 2011

Singapore - My Home

There is no place like home...

I was born in the forgotten generation, the post-1960s - too old for the Government and policymakers to give any, let alone much, attention yet too young to die and fade away; economically stable and capable but ignored.

In our instant gratifying, disposable Society, age becomes a liability. How absurd? Wisdom comes with age!

Even experts and analysts of post-GE and EP missed out this group by a mile. Their focus were on the younger voters, the newly-mint citizens and the elderly.

The post-1960s (age 50s) are the 'power brokers'. They are able to influence the views of the younger voters (being their parents) and the senior citizens (their elders and parents). They bridge the young and old and their thoughts and decisions are incisive and definitive.  

This group is also economically able and capable; both as producers and consumers.

Terms like 'silver tsunami' and an 'aging population' not only stigmatised aging, but made them seem useless, unwanted and a burden to Society; are they? That's furthest from the truth!

My observation is that whoever ignore this group is doing so at their own perils! When you win this group's hearts, you also win a chained response from the young and old.

The post-1960s group provides for their children and their elders. They feed, cloth and house everyone within their abilities. Inter-dependency is well and alive. If their livelihood are threatened, their pleas are ignored and  policymakers sweep their cries under the carpet, the message to their young and old is one of survival. Wouldn't anyone expect a unified response?

This group is also better informed and, by extension, vocal. They are well wired and there is a constant need to air or ventilate their opinions. The very burden of looking after the young and old does not allow for indifference.

I believe negative sentiments and issues like late marriages, lesser babies, higher cost of living, foreign workers, housing and employment ('unemployment' or underemployment) would have abated if the post-1960s group's views and concerns were catered to - the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Singapore is my home and change is the only constant. I trust our PM Lee when he said he want to, and will, reach out to the people. The post-60s group is a bridge to the young and old. Through us, the message is harnessed and actions manifested.

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