Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The New Economic Order Part 2 : When greening is successful

Greening aka recycling, reuse and reduce ...

You may disagree with me but when greening takes root, it is almost when times gonna be bad, or becoming bad.

It is when everything is deemed expensive, especially factors of production, that the world looks into cheaper alternative and salvaging wastes is one.

Green energy, biofuel, eco-friendly produce and earth-friendly materials are never considered unless they become commercially competitive. So what are the factors that drive greening?

Simply, dollars and cents.

All the talks about saving Earth, lengthening the health of Mother Nature are ... but talks!

My observation is "when the green  movements gather momentum, it is also a sign that boom period is over, or almost over".

When money is not a problem, men will splash on the best (caviar, wines), the tallest (  the 828 m (2,717 ft) tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai,United Arab Emirates), the most luxurious car (Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang , Ferrari Enzo , Lamborghini Reventon) while fertile agriland and forests are cleared for golf courses and luxury villas.

Man will always find an easier way out; If alternatives are not price competitive, it will simply be equated as price-sensitive and 'no good'. 

Unless, our very existence is threatened, the green movement will always be a minority. We are not blind to reality; we are just blinded by money!

In similar vein, I feel the best is over and the World economies is/are going downhill. Demand for commodities will fall and price weakness shall follow. There will be a structural change in Capitalism and some currency(ies) may become historic, that is, banana currency.

This is not an economic apocalypse but long awaited change waiting to happen (In post WWI, the Austrian Krone disappeared).

Hopefully, we will learn the lessons of earlier years, that is, the greening of Mother Earth is not just about dollar and cents but survival. 

The consolation is that in our wired World today, recovery will come sooner and faster. The speed of change is greater due to compress space and time. But, sometimes, the night seems darker and longer... 

The next sunrise will be just as beautiful if we live to see it!

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