Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Soul searching --- please spare a thought for me

Its June ...stock taking time.................

June - name of a month
June - a person's name
June - almost half year has past since January arrived

What have you achieved after 150 days gone by? Time flies, mortals die

Election - The deck of cards have been reshuffled; wager your bets, show hand time

Housing - More housing, speedier housing; you order, you pay, I build

CPF - Oops! more in the tills, longer time to get back yet smaller amounts.

Medical - Stay healthy as its very costly to be sick; some said 'you can die, but you cannot afford to be sick!' The costs of treatment and medicine is skyrocketing. The are budget hotel, budget travel, budget meals...why no budget hospital?

Cost of Living - Up, up and (more) ups. Omigosh, Its not just here, its happening all over the world except/maybe Japan (deflation) and USA (recession-type). ERP, Carbon-tax to be, water tax, GST, fuel tax, tax upon tax ... two things in life you can never run away i) taxes and ii) death. After death, I need not pay taxes but DON'T tax me to death

Foreign Talent - Lets call a spade a spade. Foreign workers is the correct term. How much talent, or talented, do you think these people possess : food court cleaners, sweepers, nurses, IT data-entry, waitering jobs, machine operators ... the list goes on. We welcome talent but NOT everyone that comes to Singapore is talented.

Jobs - While there are unemployment all over the world, we are opening the gates wide to foreign workers. A fresh grad from India (S$1=36.5Indian rupees) or China (S$1=5.35Rmb) or Philippine (S$1= 35 pesos) will take a job for S$1,500 - S$2,000 because he cannot find an equivalent paying job, let alone jobs, back home. Multiply by the exchange rate, they are in wonderland.  

Public transport - Come August 2011, when the Authorities enforce to safety rules on ferrying workers in lorries, many will switch to public transports further aggravating and stressing the already inefficient MRT/bus services. The sweat, the smell, the shoves; the sardine-can MRT/buses will be in overdrive!

When I write again in June next year, I hope I need not repeat above (copy & paste) because the issues are still well and alive.

 Spare a thought for the less fortunate and less able and make their life alittle lighter and living easier. The Able and the Power & Powers-to-be must look after the less able and less fortunate. 

You CANNOT win a war if you have all generals and no foot soldiers just as the wealthy will never sleep soundly and peacefully if he is surrounded by massive poor and hungry; right?

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