Sunday, June 12, 2011

House Versus Home

I once lived in a cave, hunt for food and neighbours were far and few. My threats were wild animals but they were also my food ... hate them, love them!

Over time I moved to the village and ploughed the land for food and the sea for fishes. Heaven willing, we survived  and prospered...

When we started, it was a fishing village and sparsely populated. Sea and river boats were our mode of transport whereas bullock carts and rickshaws served on land.

There was this place call 'Home' and there were plentiful to share! There was little, or no, conflicts as there were minimal contacts. Happiness, fairness and calm rules the Land. A house is a home where warmth is!

As more people settle down, population increases and stress built up, socially, physically, structurally and mentally.

Today, we not only have to 'fight' among ourselves for housing, food, jobs and survival, we have foreigners who walk in as the door was deliberately left wide open.

Worst still, whatever their qualifications, they come in branded as "Foreign Talents" (FT); now we have talented labourers, waiters, cleaners, not to mention entry-level grads as well.

Fortunately some gates to higher offices are locked, otherwise we may be able employ higher-up civil servants, professionals,  others for, maybe, 35% of what they are currently paid!

Unfortunately, these are the same persons whose positions are protected and who decide that our door must be left OPENED and theirs CLOSED; fairness in the Animal Farm is also fairness in the Animal Land! But, omigosh!! we are humans!!

I have yet to find God, Fairies and Immortals on Mother Earth...

We lived in a house which is no longer a home.
We struggle to built a career yet we must fend off consistent challenges for these hyenas  who flood our shores waves upon waves (with a World population of 6.6bil today, there are no lack of FTs). Even the King of the Jungle, the Lion, is food for the hyenas when its down and out.

It is academic to say that we can, and must be, better, faster and cheaper. We are NOT machines neither are we digits in the system.

To all decision makers, let us make this place a home; a home with warmth and belonging. 

Sure, there are some jobs that Singaporeans want and can do as there are some that we shun. It is NOT just about economics, its about the sense of belonging and a place called "HOME".

Foreigners are welcome as our forefathers were! But, when it is a grab and a 'Free for All', its time to stop before the 'extinction of a race called "Singaporean"

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