Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten Years At A Time

Life is full of twists and turns...

Ten years is a long time but its not that long really
Like it or not, at every TENth year of your life
You reach a turning point

I can attest to it
Its my FIFTH tens

I cannot recall much on my 1st TENth years
Like all kids growing up, its directed by parents; alas primarily its about studying

2nd TENth years was full of fire
Coming out to work, eager to move forward, wanting to achieve plentiful in compressed time, seeking recognition and belonging, young and restless

3rd TENth years was achievement and recognition
Spending plentiful of youthful capital to achieve material well-being, building a career and family

4th TENth years...omigosh
Health was traded for material achievement
Late nights, booze, entertainment, overwork, networking
The spirit is willing but the body is weak, the knees are giving way and the physique of the 20s are, but, history

5th TENth years
Physically able and lengthy maintenence
Mentally supreme and financially stable
But, alas, internally some of the organs cannot agree with one another, imbalances and imperfect...

6th TENth years
I wouldn't know yet...
But, I have many friends who are there - look healthy, seem healthy but not exactly healthy
Dependent of drugs/medicines and corrective and restorative needs

DO NOT use Youth to gain Wealth & use Wealth to buy Health 

Pursue your dreams but strike a balance between youthful restlessness and health expectations

No amount of money can buy Health

7th TENths...nearer grave than you would like

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