Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Decide My Life

Will the egg turn into a chick or an omelette ...

I will never know what my future holds for me
But, I know what I want for my future

I have my goal and my ideal
I gravitate towards the ultimate; along the way I am guided by my heart
I flow and dance to the breeze; the winds beating against my sail
I shall arrive to my destiny; set for me, by me

Staying healthy, fit, knowledgeable and ready is my modus operandi
Being aware of my weaknesses helps me waddle away from the mines of life
Exhibiting my strengths allows recognition while taming exhibitionism
I shall shine

I shall conquer the World with my charm
And arrive at the destiny of my Life
A choice where Providence has inscribe but I decide
My preferred choice and my chosen path

Whoever lives in fear and on others command arrives in others harbour

Come rain or sunshine, day or night
I have my dreams or nightmares, my successes or failures
Aboveall, I will arrive at my own Port of Call

December; the last month of the year
The wintry winter with cold bites sending cold reminders
Another year will be out soon; how many 'one year' have you?

I don't need many but prefers qualitative, healthy years ahead

Man proposes, GOD disposes

Whether the egg will become a chick or an omelette, I Decide

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