Monday, December 12, 2011

Down But Not Out

Waiting for an opportunity ... 

When you persist and dig-in, sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail
But, if you give up, you fail absolutely
Success goes to people who try, adapt and changes their tact dynamically as the situation demands and not waiting or chasing blindly

Waiting for windfalls without efforts is 守株待兔 waiting blindly and mostly ends in vain

Life is cyclical; there are UPs & DOWNs, LULL and BOOM like the faithfulness of day and night
Capitalize on your strengths and manage your weaknesses
Use the lull period to upgrade, enjoy a hobby, expand your networking reaches, review and change your approaches to fit into the 'new-age' and newfound push
When boom returns, charge ahead!!!

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity

There are frustrations and setbacks on the journey to success
There are downtime, distractions and disconnect
Gains without efforts have minimum or zero utility

But, what if I have worked hard, spent a lot, a lot of efforts, tried different approaches and still success is far and unseen from the horizon? I have no answers for this but I do have a solution
- put everything aside and walk away from it all
- take a break and if the mind wander, let it wanders
- go chase a hobby or do what you have always wanted to 
- be free of bondage

When your mind is free and refresh, new shoots of ideas bloom

Because you have been trying very hard does not warranty success
Has it occur to you that you have been knocking on the wrong door? Don't just work hard, work smart
You will be pleasantly surprise how success slips in unaware and the answer props up from the blues in free minds

I may be wary and worn
But, my free mind floats in the breeze and dance in high spirits ...
... towards success

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