Sunday, December 4, 2011

Help ... I Am Second Best


Any brilliant ideas hatched but not tried is like pregnancy undelivered
if you wait for others to endorse and support your dreams and plans
You will be searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

There are no sorrows in defeats and failures; only experiences gained
There are no victories without sacrifices
'Tears of Joy', 'Nearly Didn't Make It'; are words uttered by winners, not losers

Losers says 'I missed by a little', 'Didn't expect it'. 'I could have done better' ...
Omigosh, a loss is a loss by any other definition!
The World remembers the best, the winners

Either you race to win or you don't
Don't expect sympathy
Why bother to send second stringers or off-par players to the Olympic? For experience? Save it
Only the best need to be present and be presented

Steve Jobs make slaves and addicts of you (and the World) with his iPhone, iPads, iTunes
The World has forgotten and forgiven him for the supposedly ill-working conditions in the production of his iProducts
Look and be clear; he make you remember the prefix "I"
I am Steve Jobs... written as iSteveJobs

Winner Takes All

Before you join the race, accept defeats with grace; NO excuses, NO regrets
Glory and Victories are for victors and Winners 

You may be born poor but don't stay poor
Don't blame your parents and others for remaining status quo

Scraps are second best to natural resources; are you? Go, chase your dreams and follow your heart
The World is yours to keep if you dare and succeed

Do everything within your means; we have a distinct role
And no two person are the same
Be the best you can

I am the Winner
The best in my category; happy, contented and victorious
Fortune and Fame goes hand in hand

You CAN too


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