Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Days Were Numbered Since I Arrived

My days; past, present and future ...

I matured ahead of my youthful years but slowed down aging as I get nearer to the other end
I pursued my interests and find like-minded friends
If my resources are insufficient and my knowledge and ability are lacking, I will make good over time
Nonetheless, I never over-stay my welcome

The past ...
passes too fast
reminded me of my foolishness, carelessness and weakness
similarly blessed me with victories and winnings

The future ...
is a dream and a plot
gives me chances to explore the unexplored and borderless frontiers
allows me to regain glories and better my achievements and perfect my imperfections

The current ...
is time to move forward fearlessly and redress past weaknesses
is prime - every moment well used, shall be will rewarded
is NOW - useful and lively

The past shall returns only as shadows
The future is a dream where reality challenges ideals
The current is my life and worth living every moments constructively, concretely and with zest

If I leave this World today, I leave willingly and with few, if any, regrets
I count lots of blessings, achievements and victories ... but I cannot bring any along

I came naked and shall return naked; the body and images I left behind shall fade by the day

Someday, somehow, I shall be forgotten

I knew this when I first arrived as a baby; when I cry, everyone laughs
When I leave, I laugh (in silence) while the rest cry

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