Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Enlightened Materially

What is success? Or is there another definition that everyone misses by a mile?

If you have a family, car, house, money, friends, career, business; are these successes or just plain symbols? I don't know and I can't comment.

Sometimes, I am as blank as an A-4 sheet
As directionless as a rudderless boat with a broken compass
Like a spent force or a banana whose skins are split
A lost soul ...

Material success is an illusion with little, or without, peace of mind

What are we looking for in life when we can't bring along when 'the time is up'? I am no angel nor God and I have no answers.

Power, money and fame
Winner takes all
This is the 'norm'

The journey to enlightenment is the porous wall between an enlightened being and a lost soul; lost in the material world

Either we live normally or walk into the sunrise of an enlightened soul.

Poorer materially but manifested spiritually

Whenever we cross paths, its destiny; for the better or worse


Gayleg Zangmo said...

I think a person cannot be enlightened if he is attached to materialistic things.A person who doesn't have attachment to materialistic things are enlightened. a person can be considered really successful if he is happy with what he has done which is beneficial to the society. I think our life is for bigger purpose such for serving the community and living for others.

Ogain Dorji said...

success has been endured mostly by hard workers but sometimes success is extremely opposite in this crucial and bla bla world.