Saturday, November 5, 2011

11 Minutes Of My Life

That's all it takes for me to ...

Exercise in 'blocks of 11 minutes' so as to maintain my health
Write my blog
Do 100 push ups in two blocks of 50 each

Spend time playing with my Maltese and Silky Terrier
Feed my guppies
But 6 x 11 minutes is needed to prune the trees and tend to my plants

I finish a business plan within that time
Or to device a business proposition and to pen the structure

Drive to the airport or flee into town within that given time
Finish a meal if I am alone
If I cannot stand someone for whatever reasons, I will disappear in less than 11 minutes

11 minutes is a lot of time if used properly

We don't need much time to achieve success
Like the lethal shot, you need the depth and potency
The focus and undivided zeal

Some day, somehow, somewhere look back on why and how you succeed
You cannot deny that it was that 11 minutes of focus delivery, acute confidence and indepth preparation that separates successes and failures
Be it an interview, a public speech or an appeal to the world at large

The last breathe will definitely be much lesser ...

I only need up to 11 minutes to change my life
To focus and to re-focus
To decide Fate

You can change your life in less than 11 minutes

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