Sunday, November 6, 2011

Age & Aging

If life is an onion, every steps forward is as tearful as each and every peal
Its the result that counts, not the journey
Goals achieved in an honest day's work and a sincere longings; bathe with good intentions taste sweetest and benefit all

Time flies
The young rushes, middle age manages and the elder, slows towards the end
Physically able, mentally capable and wisdom dictates the pace

The young looks forward to birthdays while the elderly counts their birthday as all fade into time
The young acts recklessly as youthful energy is their capital
The elderly reacts to situation with a tinge of aged anxiety, hopefulness and wisdom

Generation Y abhor restraints
The elderly is wiser from experiences
There is NO absolute 'right' or 'wrong'

It is the youthful and wilful spirit that pierce new frontiers
The elderly-wise and smart make them relevant, convenient and applicable to the mass
The wise mind is a youthful mind; age irregardless

Youths used to asked "why wouldn't they listen to, or understand, me" or "Don't need to talk, they (the elders) cannot understand"
The smart and wise will try to convince and influence whereas the 'reckless young' will dismissed it as above.

More importantly, there has NEVER been any generation gap (as perceived by youths) but an economic gap
The youths can say all they wanted but its their parents who put meals on the table

Age is not about the physical
You are as old as you think you are
When you think you are old, illnesses creep in, the heart 'weakens' and your mobility stagnates and regress

 It is NOT age that separates the man from the boys; its WISDOM

You are as old as your mind but never any wiser

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