Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eclipses - Lunar & Solar


Lunar Eclipse (LE) and Solar Eclipse (SE) have been observed through stories, mythology and astrology throughout human history. How, and to what extent, does an eclipse affects human behavior and is there any material resultant changes?

I have followed and observed the effects on general behavior (on stockmarkets too??) and found that i. in a LE, people are generally negative, lethargic and has less drives; interestingly the stockmarket drop/plunge. ii. In a SE, the reverse is true. They are more positive, driven and motivated and the air is generally one of happiness; henceforth the stockmarket turn up. Coincidence?

The timing and degree of swings vary but the correlation is uncannily high. 

Will the future be any different? My gut feel tells me not, except for the degree of effects. Afterall, mass behavior (herd instincts) and mood changes are dynamic, rightly or otherwise.


LE - 26June - Partial
SE - 11July - Total
LE - 21December - Total 


SE - 4January - Partial
SE - 1June - Partial
LE - 15June - Total
SE - 1July - Partial
SE - 15November - Partial
LE - 20December - Total 


SE - 20May - Annular
LE - 4June - Partial
SE - 13November - Total
LE - 28November - Penumbral

Looks like 2010 still has loads of good harvest but the reality is when the bubbles burst, be it property, stockmarket, commodities or political, we will be affected. For those who knows when to stop, their lives will be blessed. For others who continue, you reap what you sow.

Aboveall, be charitable, magnanimous and generous and help your fallen men. 一种米养百种人。希望你是“人中人”

2011 through 2012 is gonna be trying. You cannot go on 'borrowing from the future' to spend 'today'; too big to fail is a fallacy. Tomorrow is not promised, make good use of today.

I am not foretelling the future; I am merely drawing empirical conclusion to my (own) time-tested observation.

I trust my observation but hope I am wrong.

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