Friday, May 21, 2010

View From The Top

The Unblock View...

How do you know pain and suffering if you have never gone through
Will you ever understand a child's cry of poverty and malnourishment
What good is education if the highly educated think and group themselves as elitist
Will the powerful and the powers-to-be be able to emphatise with the pains of broken self-esteem and indignity of unfulfilled dreams

Man seek to fulfil basic desires and dreams
They want to feel 'belonged' to their peers and be part of society

When the chips are down, we fight to overcome the common enemy and challenges
We strive to be better, today, tomorrow, anyday
Harmany manifest and growth blooms
There are more to share

It will be divisive and sad if we evolve into a "We" and"You" society
Where the "we" takes the cake and cream and the "you" share the crumps

Society will decay and country will collapse
Maybe not now but sooner rather than later rebellion will undermines stability
Civil disorders are driven by empty stomachs; a hungry man is an angry man
History is filled with examples

The "Why me?" syndrome drives man wild
The Generals do not win wars partying; they win because they live and die with their men in the trenches

Care and share with your fellow beings
False prophets will face poetic justice
Be real, be sincere; Lighten up the soul and ease their woes
You can because you have a view from the top

You have made it... and to be able to give is a blessing

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