Sunday, May 23, 2010

The World - A Dangerous Place

Living in this world is not a choice...

There are times when I ignore logic and help others
The result is I am being accused, insulted and ostracized when they loss or did not get what they wanted

There are many times when people rather believe in what they hear than what they see
Innocent lives are sacrificed and good men are sidelined; the result is societal decay

There are times when I am taken advantaged of and suffers unnecessary setbacks both financially and emotionally
I have no choice but to expose the ill will and motives of the perpetrators

Survival of the fittest is a norm
Unfortunately, lives are made worse by the 'Animal Farm' conditions prevalent in today's world
When the pigs stand up to talk and lobby, millions suffer
Its best to make bacon and sausages of pigs

Only real man will stand up to the pigs

I no longer accept the world is a dangerous place
Neither can this be the playground of the Pigs and their cronies for "If to be cruel is to be kind, I shall be"...

I am not here to judge but I am here to act

When General Schwarzkopf was asked if he will be forgiving to the terrorists, he answered "Forgiving is the job of God. My job is to arrange the meeting"...

I do neither! Whatever is mine, I will take in part or whole
Whatever is not mine, I will not even has a roving thought of desire
My conscience is clear

I will make the world alittle safer, for me and for all. I will no longer be mad, I seek to equal  

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