Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will I Live Again

Dying is never a problem ...

When a person dies, his problems lapsed
His family inherits his problems for the better or for the worse

When you make a mistake by choice or accident
You make amends and move forward
Nothing sticks on you unless you allow it

When you help others and have slime and slanders pour over you
It is easier to fight back and resist
But the best defense is to refract and relax

I wish I can be patient, relax and let time proves my innocence
But, alas, again and again, I am being taken advantage of
I pray that the false prophet will repent before he faces his D-day

Whenever I retreat, I am seen as weak
I worry that my punch will kill a charging ox and my moves will decimate a life
But who cares and worries for me? My tolerance has its limits

After I go for the "KILL", will I live again? Yes
In heaven or hell, I will face judgement
I believe in fair fights and death is the fairest

I fight to win
I will live in glory and whoever sees me through will celebrate with me my sweet victory
I will maim and destroy if that is what I need to do to survive

I will live again and again and again...
Like the many soldiers who returned from their tour of duty
I know how to live well

Everyone likes a winner

And I shall be... and am... the WINNER

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