Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day - The Worker & The Leader

My salute to the workers and leaders...

May day, may is not a distress call but Labour day
A day that allows workers to down their tools and rest

Whether it is May day or Labour day, the underlining theme is 'work and efforts'; although rewards do not necessarily commensurate with efforts expended
Some are paid meagrely, others luxuriously but the majority are paid equitably
Equity is a function of market forces

Wages can sink to despairingly low level when supply overwhelms demand
Similarly, wages are higher in a/any protected industry

George Orwell wrote in his book 'Animal Farm'; "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"
Hard work and good work must be rewarded and laziness disincentivised
We must not evolve into a "I", "You" society; it is unsustainable
It is like putting an egg in a microwave oven - it will 'explode'; sooner rather than later

From 1819 to current, from fishing village to financial and entertainment centre
We are the salad bowl of migrant-centric metropolis
Regardless of race, language or religion and country of origin
They came, they saw and rooted; today we are Singaporean

Our leaders, current and past, may have differing views on the paths and strategies, not only to survival but, to prosperity
Policies may not be popular but short term pains are traded for long term gains
Nobody plan to loss
Let us rally together to build a stable, prosperous, caring and enlighten city-state called Singapore

General Collin Powell considers his men in the trenches equally, if not more, important than his fellow officers; for without them, no plans can be efficiently and effectively executed. General Powell choses not to run for Presidency after his tour of duty

Lech Walesa, despite not having a high school education, was a motivated trade-union organizer and human-rights activist, succeeded in leading the workers out of a repressive regime to become the President of Poland (1990-95)

Likewise, everyone has a choice
You can be the follower; you can be the leader
You can stand for office and lead the boys or be the passive, but constructive, contributor
If you can help, go ahead with your heart and soul in full throttle

If you think you are a better leader, stand up and be counted

Just do not spoil nor poison the game; building confidence takes time...alot, alot of time
There is no 'one glove fits all' solution but be nimble and honest, to yourself and your fellow workers

Change is the only constant; adapt well and you will rise to the challenges

Let the Best Man lead

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