Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Money - evil or angel

Money makes the world goes round... does it?

How much is too much and when will one ever be satisfied? Simple questions without straight answers
Money; without which little can be accomplished
Be it Wall Street or Main Street, greed rules the roost

How do you quantify the worth of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Corazon Aquino? They are motivated by a cause not money

Mr Lee Choon Seng, Mg Director of Ho Hong Bank, the predecessor to OCBC, used his wealth charitably to benefit the less privilege
Mr Lim Bo Seng, the hero of Force 136 plotted and fought the Japanese in WWII with intent to liberate and save the population from further torture and suffering
Mr Tan Lark Sye believed in the value of, and contributed to, education to improve the mobility of the lay and sundry
Making money was furtherest from their mind

Can we find the same today? Are we so self-centred, self-serving  and selfish that 'no money no talk' & 'you pay premium to get an honest day's work done' are the norm? Do not despair and be disappointed with the materialistic world that we live in

I am sure we still have many great and noble among us who willingly sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the common folks

Start with yourself. Give alittle and contribute your time and efforts to help the less fortunate
Blessed are the fortunate who are able to give and help

Count your blessings; the more you give, the more you get

The selfish can make their millions and keep whilst the world suffers; but he definitely cannot bring along with him when death knocks
Any money not used is not your money; spend it wisely and charitably

Money, power and fame are perishable...someday we will all be equal; rich or poor

Money is neither evil nor angel

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