Thursday, April 29, 2010

Success begets successes

I Won't Allow You To Ruin My Day...

Having kind thoughts and doing your best for others does not mean it will be reciprocrated
Its your heart (willingness) versus their mind (expectation)
Taken for granted is hurting but ploughing the field does not guarantee harvest

Providing a platform to bridge two adversaries in the hope of peace and harmony may result in nuclear blasted in your face
Your goodwill may be trampled regardless of outcome; worth it? You decide
The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment

Put your heart into your work and go with the flow
Atmospheric water vapour liquifies to form clouds from which rain wet the grounds
Tributaries flow into rivers and empty into the sea

Explorers search the unknown; inventions and discoveries were more often, than not, accidental
The Pills were discovered in the search for fertility treatment for women and revolutionise Women's movement
The Industrial Revolution made abundance of resources and products previously thought 'finite'

Most successful entrepreneurs and leaders did not set out to succeed; its their passion that made mountains look like molehills and oceans look like streams
They make the impossible looked like child's play

The whizkids, the nerds; like them, we are genius-in-the-making

Bad times pass as good time passes; NEVER sink in despair
Our lives are as bright as the rising sun and opportunities come a-knocking everytime
Grab it or Loss it

Its You/Me who decides the day

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