Wednesday, April 21, 2010

道 Aversion To Loss Is Strong 道

Sometimes, it is difficult to...

.. Understand why smart people do stupid things and why seemingly upright and successful people 'steal for thrills'

.. See any basis with 'double or quit' and intelligent dexterity results in lost causes
.. Comphrehend why a losing preposition is adopted

One of the chapter in 'Market Psychology' by James Dines postulated that 'all players love to loss'; deep inside us we fear, but do not mind, losing

Have you heard about the Bazerman auction? A "$20" bill is put up for auction beginning with $1. Every subsequent bid is at $1. The winner will walk away with the $20 but the second highest bidder will have to part with his money for his unsuccessful bidding. The bid usually exceeds $20 as the second highest bidder fights to win as the aversion to loss is strong

An aversion to loss is clearly demonstrated when most people do not dare to venture out nor try new solutions, not for lack of initiative, but stuck worrying "What If"

We are born genius; do not die a mediocre
Follow your heart and be the leader
Be the best

Don't wait until you are eighty years old then decides to climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean, runs for the highest office in your homeland

In this everchanging world, only innovators and leaders survive and bask in success
You come naked and goes back naked

The Way (道) to conquer and win is to overcome the fear of losing

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