Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Fortunes Or Bad Decisions

Change - the only constant...

Iceland was bankrupted and now Mother Nature dealt her another blow

Thailand is mired with the same problem except for role swap by key players; the Yellows jammed the airports and the Reds wrung the shopping belts - the casualties? Tourism and the man in the street

March 2009 smelt doom and gloom and potentially a bottomless pit in capital markets; April 2010 resonates with music in everyone's ears as First Quarter (1st Qtr) results show banking giants making billions and countries' GDP turning around or jumped with unbelievable growth

Once upon a time, the S-Chips were darlings; now you need to be daring to (invest) take a long term view

Properties in Singapore, Hong Kong and China are hotly pursued whereas somewhere in the Western half of the globe, you may get them for a song. How fortunes favour the brave and nimble, and the pendulum of Fate changes

Fortunes rise, fortunes fall; the only constant is change

Don't let greed have the better of you and the only reason why you will remain poor is you are reeling in the realm of negatives; nobody remains poor neither is wealth cast on stone

Honor your promises, deliver your best and be ready for changes. When you don't move, you will be left behind as the Earth revolves and time will catch up with you - for the better or worse

Genuine leaders of men are far and few; successful leaders embrace changes and lead his flock to prosperity and away from disaster's path

We are all born genius and Fate is within you

Be ready to change

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