Monday, April 5, 2010

Setbacks & Gains

My Soul The Positive Driver ...

Everytime the ghosts of setbacks try to hound me, I blow away the blues
I can sit idle and harp over defeats but that doesn't vitalize me; it only drown my adrenaline
I want to be fired up; not to be fired
What good can come out of a wrong decision than to rectify and reinstate the the fighting machine

When others place unreasonable demands on me as a right
I deflect and remain stable and constant
I am no serf nor timid neither am I gullible
I dance in the breeze of challenges like a willow tree and flow with ease

Why would I allow others to dictate my life and quality living
The dog is a loyal friend and the cat is temperamental
The dog sniff and seize every moments while the cat seize the moment
I live in a managed environment and I determine the outcome

Friends and foes love a defeated me
I love to defeat both of them
What's better than to keep them busy guessing
That a simpleton me will weave along the seams of entrapments; slippery yet stable

I have small defeats and losses that I need not count
I just count my blessings
Stones and bricks break bones; a willowy-mind absorbs and deflects the punches
I rather be the little grass dancing in the hurricane than an uprooted grand oak tree

I am what I want myself to be
I am who I am
Misses may be many and hits are few
But, my mighty mind only registers successes and successes-to-be

My mind thrives on challenges and is positively motivated
I pull success towards me like gravity
My face glows with happiness, health and drive
I want to be happy, healthy and filled with hopes; today, anyday and everyday

I am self-motivated and I am driven to convert all misses into hits, if not now, tomorrow

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