Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do Not Judge

Who Is To Judge?

According to Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman in their book "Sway", we subconsciously attribute a value when we see a person, brand or object for the first time. Our diagnosis bias - propensity to label people, ideas or things base on initial opinions of them, is sealed

We view the biggies with rose-tinted lenses; be it Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc, Bernard Madoff, the handsome man, the beautiful lady... alas! what you see and feel at initial is not always what you get

Defending his company, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Mr Llyod Blankfein, testily told skeptical senators that customers who bought securities from the Wall Street giant in the run-up to a national financial crisis came looking for risk "and that's what they got." Umm, quite smartly phrased - they ask for it

Never belief that the established are saintly nor sinless; its only they have not been caught yet

We have a tendency to view those who had brushes with the Law as bad and unemployable and cannot be office bearers without sparing a thought that they could have been victims of the system simply because of value attribution

Many are nailed on the cross for events beyond them and issues which they could not defend for want of costs, ignorance and being resigned to fate

History is filled with seemingly upright people who speaks ill against the fallen and were, in turn, found guilty of misdemeanor

Genuine leaders must protect the weak, poor and fallen; by acts not by words

Competition is the definitive DNA in the evolution in the 'survival of the fittest world' that we live in
We compete and the best survive and prosper
Whether you are good or evil, powerless or dominant, selfless or selfish
When 'luck' is with you and you win handsomely, the globe is at your feet
You can command the seas and set the pace

But, be honest and truthful to all who crosses you in life
Give everyone a fair chance to make a comeback
We are all born a genius but if you are filthy, cruel and scheming in thoughts and acts, your day will come 
... sooner rather than later

Be prepared to change your initial views and steer clear of rumors. Nobody is born bad

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