Monday, April 12, 2010

How I Won & Made The Impossible, Possible

When all the odds are stack against me...

Sometimes, everything simply goes wrong
Sometimes, you are asked to do the impossible
When you are pushed to the wall, you either fight back or you scale the wall with bare hands

Just this week ...

My newfound friend was very busy; she has to send one of her relative to hospital for chemotherapy
And, another of her relative just passed away at age 21

I was asked to offer a listening ear to a couple on the brink of breaking up
Inspite of my own tight schedules. I listened patiently and offered some possible preventive solutions
I was told 'whatever are your plans, I am not interested as one of us will be hurt'; omigosh
I went for a truce and they found peace; the peacemaker is at fault

Words buzz pass my ears that another couple I had helped financially and in kind said they had never received any form of help from me and is distancing from me; omigosh
My selfless acts certainly do not warrant such dividends

My friend of fifteen years is in need of kidney transplant as his two-peas organ are failing

Unknowingly, I had nightmares and I was unduly stressed
Though I remained calm
I did not hope for rewards for my deeds and I accept that we will leave when our time is up

It is my fortune to be able to help others
It is their shallowness and empty victory to indulge in small talks; the vices of a fork tongue

When challenged to a lonesome fight, I wriggled into my cocoon to rest, rebuilt and replenish
I dance and sway like the willow tree and blend with Zen
In God's arm, the cradle, I found strength and relief

I am the light & the Way
Faiths make me stronger, happier and invincible

I need not fight back

I shall smile away the blues

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