Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unwillingly Unemployed 苦中做乐

I Am Lost...

I have no money
I have no direction
My career ended years ago
I belonged to the promising generation
I am a digit in the graduate unemployment

When you are 35 - 45 years old and you loss your job, whatever your qualifications and positions
When the job disappears or a younger and cheaper substitute comes along
You can kiss your job goodbye permanently
With three mouths to feed, an apartment to pay and no income
I belong to the lost generation

Not that I have not tried neither did I bury my head in the sand
I searched. I seeked help and referals
I comb the job market for an equivalent but alas... I am either too qualified, too old or not relevant
I am a fighter like the Desert Rats; the only thing I bury is my dignity, pride and sorrows
I am the forgotten citizen

What can I do or what do I need to do? What does the future hold? I am staring blankly into the future
Tomorrow is bleak; it is blank
I need not be retrained to clean tables, make rooms nor sweep the roads
I need not wait at tables, take orders nor keep the stores
Not that it is demeaning but if these were my inspirations, I do not need a Uni-degree
I am a resource and an economic waste in my Motherland; chasing the elusive job

I slip through the cracks in Society
There is no safety net
For all that had been said and assured, there were only words filled with empty promises
The dream home, the retirement, the laughters and warmth, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
This is a pipe dream

I need not show nor do I need to tell
I will come back with a vengence when I hit the wall
Either we prosper together or you can selfishly milk every drop of my blood
When doomsday come, you will be my equal


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