Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hatred & Vengence

Emotions run high when...

Love comes and love leaves
Goodwill is repaid with ill-intents
Truth is undermined and distorted
The last bowl of rice is stolen from a hungry man who toiled honestly to earn it

When the heart is heavy, the brain cannot think clearly
Fights, revenge and plots are results of the heavy-hearted amoeba with a saddened brain
The logic is to return evil for evil

When your game is up, you cannot fault someone whose innocence has been taken advantaged of, his kindness trampled and his heart haemorrhaged
The hurt is no longer tenable neither is it tangible; fine razors mow his raw flesh
When vengence comes, it 'never rain but pours'

Do not expect mercy when what you dished out were mrecilessly schemed to maim
You take no hostages and leave no bran
Winning is everything and "winner takes all" was your motto

Alas! Reality is always cruel

Like a piece of white cloth, you stained someone's life with your sins
Like the A-4 paper, your artwork of destruction remained

The innocence will not be buried by your acts and words
When it is his turn to call the shots, you jolly well enjoy it
Whether you burn in the earthly hell or live in fear of losing a love one, maimed or crippled
It is witnessed to your retribution

God teaches 'love, forgive and forget'
There is no place for hatred and vengences
Practice His great teachings

But, everyone is as human as you.
If someone must live in earthly hell, you too
When you start a fire, be ready to dance in hell
Getting mad is past; get equal is the norm

Make the world a better place to live
Do not seek to maim and gain
You reap what you sow
Many a raindrop makes an ocean

Repent and seek forgiveness... and make Living lighter

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