Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caught In The Middle

Middle is miserable...

Middle age is a struggle when you have an unemployed wife, two spending kids, a leased (99years) house, a rented (10year) car and a dog to feed

A struggling man is one who is caught in between his possesive mother and his demanding wife

Whether you are a big car, small car or vintage car, when you are caught in the middle of a traffic jam, you are a stalled car

When you are the boxer in the middle of a 12-round 3mins boxing match, your fate is with your fists; fight to win or walk away as a loser

When you are caught in the middle of a crossfire, there is no running away; fight your way to survive or die a coward

You may not be able to implement your brightest plan nor are you able to walk away from responsibility if you are neither here nor there in the hierarchy

You are unable to save your love ones in emergency because the top makes the decision and you are not high up the food chain to change fate

Never be caught in the middle...
... fight your way to survive and prosper or
... hideaway like a coward until the storm's over

Be the best, either you live ...
Bravely as a Winner or
Cowardly as an underdog

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