Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pursuit of Dreams

Dreams Fly...

Everyone has dreams
But, not all dreams come true; it was never meant to be

If you dare to be a "Nike", "Coke" or "Proctor & Gamble"
Pursue it with zeal, gameplans and humor; Zeal with enthusiasm, Gameplans with strategic milestones, Humor to lighten up as you meet 'rough and tumbles' along the route

The dynamics of dreams are desserts for you to pick
Desserts turn into 'stressed' if you cannot manage the situation
Rest if you must but never quit
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Deng XiaoPing did not bother with what others think of them
It's their resolve to see results; their Own result NOT what others expect of them

Crystallize your own dream and live your life to the fullest
...nobody can stop you except yourself

I live in ...
tomorrow's dreams but today's reality

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