Saturday, June 19, 2010

The World Will Never Be Perfect

Perfection is subjective...

The tycoon yearns to live by the sea and enjoy the sunshine and breeze whilst the fisherman yearns to lead an urban life; owning the yacht is a tycoon's dream while the fisherman dreams of his motorcar

England can have/form four great football teams but she cannot have a good enough team to compete in the World Cup

USA may be powerful militarily but she cannot prevent the onslaught of small armies of committed but mislead believers

Europe has a strong Euro (currency) but she cannot strike a fair value against others as the permutation of her sixteen members' balance of payment is/are inequitable and imbalance

OPEC may dictate the quantity of oil produced but it can never push oil prices into the stratosphere

If Germany and Japan had succeeded in their adventures, the World will be speaking German and Japanese today

Man proposes but GOD disposes

Mother Earth is meant to be shared by ALL and no one man can exercise absolute control over the rest

You may win sometime, most times but not everytime

So ... be contented and happy

Whatever is yours, shall be
Whatever is not yours, will slip away 

It is draining to be Perfect; It is self defeating to win a battle but to loss a war

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