Thursday, April 2, 2015

Depression ~ Are you depressed?

time change and man changes...

How easy it is to fall into depression ~ it's not the 'how', it's the unwariness that triggers
You allow yourself to wallow in self-pity, defeats and negatives
Before you know, your body system weakens and your mental faculty cracks
You unknowing slip into (depression) it
The monster and destructive thoughts multiply faster than viruses

If you allowed yourself to be dominated and enslaved
If you take life and critics too seriously
If you take on more than you can chew
And you have no avenue for ventilation and guidances
You will collapse into the darkness of depression

Take no prisoners
Never, never, never let anyone talk you down
Get away and alienate yourself from the narcissist, the self-righteous, the conman, the snob
This selfish world is filled with many who wants to dominate and outdo you and see you dead
In this 'First past the pole, kill or be killed' selfish world, failure thy neighbors is the epitome

I am almost a victim ~ many times before
But, thank goodness, I awake just in the nick of time to pilot away from collapsing
And, mind you, these people who lead you astray are your closest of friends
Choose the right person to confide your problems
You cannot tell a devil from an angel, in effect, all are devil but to what degree

I crawl out of the depth and recover swiftly often
It's more luck than smart
My positive traits and my undying spirit to fight to the last man have been my saving grace
I lay low when 'my chips are low'; talks are cheap
Surround yourself with like-minded, goals centric friends where every iota spilled is positive

If all else fail, ask GOD
Meditate ~ silent, simple and be alert ~ have a one-on-one relationship with GOD

Alone is not lonely and emptiness is not void
If you think ghosts are fearful, humans can be worse
Get a life, develop a hobby and enjoys 'nakedness'
We came naked and shall return naked too
Dressings and facades are for men; our Spirit is forever naked

I am who I am and Winner takes All 

Seriously, I am the Awakened Self 

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