Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time : Towards The End Of Time

the globe is spinning faster...and the end is getting nearer & faster too

Why is the world getting smaller and time speedier? Its man's doing
www, internet, sms have made connectivity easier and faster
News, announcement, information and misinformation are delivered at the blink of the eye
The eyes can be deceived as the ears are misinformed
Realities are trampled and have became a farce

I was eking a living and also a struggling student; a poor peasant indeed 
There was no time for 'worry' as survival takes precedence
Life was tough but costs were low and affordable
Water from the well is free and electricity costs is fixed at per household
Village life was helpful, cohesive, healthy, and amenable

Walking around shirtless and bathing by the common open-baths was acceptable
You see me & I watch you; modesty was shelved
Not that people were loose but because everyone was trying to survive the demographic evolution
Care and share were the order of the day
No class differentiation, no elitism, no emperor to dominate and dictate social order

Today: life is a rush & living is costly

There are more or the economic pie seem to be larger
But, the largeness did not filter down the food chain nor did enough flow through
Instead of protecting and defending locals from foreigners and foreign competition
Competition and 'competitors of all sorts' were brought on-shore
Locals are still tie down to NS, the education chain is extended and class-filtration is more define

It is smug to say 'we care' when costs were privatised

Propaganda may gather strengths but, nonetheless, truths shall prevail
Time is spinning faster as deep changes dig in
What's affordable then were never affordable today
When the spins get out of control, a social re-order will re-work Society
The sea of poor will drown the tip of elitism

Some day, some how; death shall, and is, the Equaliser 

Levelling up sounds great but levelling down does not make anyone poorer yet everyone will be HAPPIER ~ orchestrated changes is less divisive

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